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Welcome to Madness Central, the ultimate on-line reference and communication portal dedicated to UK band Madness. Since you found your way here, you're for sure a fan of the biggest singles band of the 80's, from The Prince to The Ghost Train. You must have more than a passing interest in the history of Madness to wander these halls, and word of the latest madnews gets you going every morning. In fact, you are the type of person who just aches to commune with other Madness fans every bit as nutty as you. That and more is what get with Madness Central, your one-stop web presence for everything Madness and aimed to please both the beginning and anorak fan alike.

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Kevin Tizzard, Steve Bringe

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Press and Media Relations
Steve Bringe

Madness Central Web Development
Kevin Tizzard

Individual Project Managers:

MC Newshound & Blogmeister
Steve Bringe
The latest news, information and more on our very own blog page.

Phil Morris, Paul Birch, Steve Bringe, Kevin Tizzard.
A miscellaneous collection of rare and sought after audio & video files.

Steve Bringe
Exclusive interviews with band members and related artists in the music business.

Madness In Print
The largest on-line collection of magazine and press articles spanning the last 30 years.

Madness Waxing Lyrical
The most complete collection of lyrics online or anywhere.

Tour Madness
Jermaine, Jonathan Young
A comprehensive reference guide detailing previous live concerts, TV appearances and radio sessions.

Steve Bringe, Kevin Tizzard, John Reed
Home of the legendary MadChart, games, competitions and more.

Image Galleries
Kevin Tizzard, Steve Bringe
A unique pictorial reference center featuring concert pictures, tour books, the Nutty Boys Comics, and paraphernalia.

Chris Carter-Pegg
The most extensive and concise Madness discography ever published. Includes UK and international releases.

The Retro Madness Shop
Emma Southerby
The World’s largest range of deleted official Madness items – over 1250 different products in stock.

Madness Central Chat Organiser
Nigel Pluck
Real-time chat with other Madness fans around the World
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 The Official Madness Web Site
Includes: Latest news and updates, Gallery, Chris' Cupboard and Exclusive 'M' members area ....

 Madness Central: Quote Us On That ..Madness Central Forum
A free, fun and informative way to communicate on-line with other Madness fans around the globe. Register for the discussion boards here: http://www.madness-central.com/forum

The Madness Central Blog
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